Mallon land has seen flax before, it rose from the ground for a different set of hands.

It will still be welcomed by human touch, harvested by hand, picked and processed traditionally.

Irish grown linen is not forgotten, it has just been silent in our fields.

Flax seeds as a bakcdrop for a linked header - Process

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About Mallon Linen

There are 13 stages to the sowing, growing and processing of flax for linen.  It can be done entirely by hand or more quickly by machines of varying scales.  We are also exploring processes for turning our fibre into paper, biocomposites and felt.  

We are a very small team on a small farm; Helen and Charlie Mallon and Clare Keys (who has multiple job titles).  Our wee team is supported by a huge community of people who are passionate about regenerative farming and textiles.

We have started to process our Irish Grown Flax Fibre and can offer small batches of scutched flax fibre and flax tow.  Charlie has also hackled some by hand for very fine line fibre suitable for hand spinning.  Our fibre has also been used for making sculptural pieces, wigs, composite materials and paper.

If you are interested in establishing regenerative supply chains for food and textiles please do get in touch.  We are working on a guide for people who want to start growing their own flax, we also host events and group tours at the farm and offer talks.  We are also building a list of resources for researchers.

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